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As modern women, our lives are constantly on the go. Our clients are multi-tasking, smart, real women and they shared their glowing testimonials why they love our handbags so much. We would like to express our special gratitude to all of our clients! 

🖤 "Nothing can dim the light that shines within." - Maya Angelou 🖤 

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Sandy Anuras
VP, Technology at Blokable @blokable 

"My Cho-Rong crossbody is perfect for running errands downtown." 

Shop Sandy's Cho-Rong in Lipstick

Takumi Ono
Junglecity.com @walking.in.seattle 

"I love my Cho-Rong because I can have my hands free and it can also be adjusted as a crossbody. It's timeless and versatile." 

Shop Takumi's Cho-Rong in Black

Chrissy Schafer
Operations Manager at Bank

"For a casual night on the town, Cho-Rong crossbody is the perfect size to take your essentials. Wallet, Cell phone, and lip gloss." 

Shop Chrissy's Cho-Rong in Lipstick

Hong Nguyen
Retail Market Manager

“I love my Cho-Rong Crossbody because it’s the perfect size for running errands around town. It’s big enough to fit my phone, credit cards, lipstick and compact. It’s so beautifully handcrafted with so much attention in all the details!”

Shop Hong's Cho-Rong in Black

Jackie Gannon
Strategic Sourcing and Contract at Hospital

"I love my KACYYOM handbag. I love the fact that the leather feels so nice and soft It's very comfortable to wear. I love the fun, vibrant color. This bag is one of a kind."

Shop Jackie's Cho-Rong in Lime

Heather Morelli

Senior Director, Enterprise Applications at Tableau Software

"I commute a lot by bike so my KACYYOM goes with me.

Shop Heather's top handle in Lime

Laura Falls

"The high quality leather, rich color and fine craftsmanship are just a few reasons my KACYYOM bag is my favorite bag.  It’s truly special!

Shop Laura's Tote in Marigold