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Kacy's Story

Kacy Yom


Kacy grew up in a family of three girls, with a mother who delighted in carrying high-end handbags. For years, her mother carried a Louis Vuitton Speedy bag, and Kacy watched as the leather trim darkened beautifully with use, learning at a young age that this was a sign that the leather was aging well—a sign of a high-quality product. With dreams of treasuring her own designer handbag one day, Kacy's love for the handbag was born.

Kacy began her own personal collection of designer handbags, and her passion eventually led her to open a boutique handbag shop called Arm Candy in Seattle’s eclectic, historic Ballard neighborhood.
Born in South Korea and raised in the Pacific Northwest, and having traveled to many parts of the world, from South America to Southeast Asia and Europe, Kacy’s roots and travels inspired the shelves of Arm Candy. Kacy personally sourced bags from high-end, emerging designers from New York, London, Spain, and Italy. With her creative eye and innovative use of space, Arm Candy was likened to an art gallery as she displayed each handbag as though it were a piece of art (because let’s be real, they are!) with a timeline of each handbag’s history featured on the wall. Arm Candy was praised in The Seattle Times, Seattle Magazine, and Seattle Metropolitan, and with the success of her store, another passion emerged for Kacy: a desire to design her own handbag line.
She’d seen her mother’s pride in carrying a designer handbag, and had learned to appreciate quality. She wanted to design a handbag that women could be proud carrying everywhere, whether to a high-profile client meeting or running errands around town - a handbag that was versatile and classic, elegant yet sturdy in its structure, and designed with a meticulous eye for style and quality.
As Kacy searched for a leather that aged beautifully, like her mother’s beloved bag, she quickly realized the complexity of turning her imagination into reality. If she wanted to hold true to her desire for a superior, high-quality product, it was going to take time. Iteration after iteration, she refined the pattern and the construction, choosing multiple variations of premium leathers and custom hardware. Her journey led her to partner with a family-owned handbag factory in Tuscany, Italy, where all of her KACYYOM handbags are crafted by Italian artisans.
Kacy followed her heart. She trusted her inner voice. Which is why her debut collection is called Soh-Lee, which means sound or voice in Korean.
KACYYOM handbags are sold online at www.kacyyom.com and now available at  Four Seasons Hotel Seattle Spa